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Haiku: A Novel

Haiku - Andrew Vachss A really very different from the usual novel about a group of homeless men, each damaged and discarded by society as well as their own demons. One of the group happens to witness someone in a white Rolls Royce dump something heavy into the river. He believes that this inofrmation may lead to desperately needed money.

But this is really a red herring to lure you into caring for the 4 homeless men. One of them named Brewster has a hidden stash of old paperbacks- his "library" in a delapidated old building noe scheduled for demolition. It is the quest by these 4 men to both move and find a new home for Brewster's Library that each goes on his own inner quest to find peace and a place to call home.

Whether they do or do not is the core of Haiku. It has a flow of its own and seems to be realistic and each homeless man rises above being a caricature and you truly care what happens to these men who exist outside the everyday world we exist in. A masterful study of abandoned, damaged misfits who never lose hope in the quest to find more than just survival in their lives.