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Touchstone (The Glass Thorns)

Touchstone  - Melanie Rawn Most Fantasy today is either Urban Fantasy with Elves, Trolls and other assorted monsters traipsing through the modern day world; or High Fantasy wherby Kingdoms are threatened by evildoers of many stripes or other rival kingdoms in mutiple volume series of varying complexity.

Touchstone is a different thing entirely- an old school fantasy whereby the antagonists are not world threatening conundrums but rather our own failings doubts and weaknesses.

Touchstone deals with an artistic theater troupe that uses magic to sculpt and create their performances. The group's struggles to come together and take the world by storm and then deal with the consequences of said fame are marvelously played out here. This is my first Melanie Rawn book and she is a master of making plot and story based solely in the characters. Despite having any largely wrought antagonists, the story flows naturally like a mighty river and you become easily enmeshed in the characters lives. A wonderful book and I cannot wait to get my hands on Book Two.

* A small somewhat anal retentive note: the series is not known as Touchstone only the book. The true title of the series is the Glass Thorns.