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Clockwork Angels: The Novel

Clockwork Angels - Kevin J. Anderson, Neil Peart A Classic coming of age narrative, using Voltaire's Candide as a starting point. If you are looking for a fun light read, this is a book for you. If you are looking for great depth or a high literary style this is not the book you are looking for. This is a simple tale told simply very well.

Owen Hardy's adventures are fun intriguing and involving enough, even if in parts you can see what will probably occur before it actually does.

Also for me a long-time Rush fan, it was great fun to encounter all the references to the current album of the same title as well as numerous references and play on words alluding to many songs throughout the band's career.
For example Owen Hardy's fortune as told by a Gypsy fortune teller:
"Justice against the Hanged Man
Knight of wands against the Hour
The Hermit against the Lovers
The Devil against the Fool".

I'm not sure if this book would be more than 3 stars to those who have no foreknowledge of Rush's body of work. Still it is an absorbing quick light read with very few negatives. In fact the only parts that didn't work were the interludes from either the perspective of the Watchamker or that of the Anarchist. These characters are so obviously archetypes, that they and the story is ultimately better served by their being more msyterious background figures. These interludes add little to the overall plot.