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The Joker: Death of the Family

The Joker: Death of the Family - Scott Snyder,  Ann Nocenti,  Adam Glass,  James Tynion IV,  Gail Simone,  Scott Lobdell,  Fabian Nicieza,  Kyle Higgins,  Tom DeFalco,  Peter J. Tomasi,  Jason Fabok,  Andy Clarke,  Fernando Dagnino,  Jock,  Greg Capullo,  Jonathan Glapion,  Ed Benes,  Daniel Sampere,  Vic A at times meandering massive (19 issue) story arc of Joker hunting down members of Batman's crimefighting "family". As I plodded through it I was certain the payoff would not be worth the effort, especially during the teen titans issues( The Joker if he truly wanted them dead could have eaten this bunch with little effort and picked his teeth with their bones).
the payoff coudln't be better.
the best parts: Gail Simone's Batgirl Scott Snyder's Batman and the last few issues (Batman and Batman and Robin)
A special nod to artist Patrick Gleason who truly made the joker look like a inhuman madaman with a barely attached face.

Good to great for the most part but way too long.