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Salvage and Demolition

Salvage and Demolition - Tim Powers, J.K. Potter A delightful novella from Tim Powers showing him at the top of his game.The story revolves around a rare book dealer named Richard Blanzac who opens a box of consignment items and things get weird and strange as only Tim Powers can do from there. Enter time travel an ancient Sumerian Diety a forgotten beat era poet and an apocalyptic cult searching for the secret of nonexistence.

If you are familiar with Powers' work the above stew of weirdness is no suprise at all. I'm not sure that starting with this for new readers is best. I think reading something like Hide Me Among The graves, Anubis Gates or Three days to Never are better works to grasp his style of writing. For those who have read his works, this is a well written jewel and a joy to behold.