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Windhaven - George R.R. Martin, Lisa Tuttle Marvelous Excellent and Beautiful. It makes me nostalgic for the 80's when the longer short fiction forms in the Speculative Fiction mileu were written by a bevy of top drawer talent- Zelazny,McCaffrey, Ellison and Wolfe (Among many others), who were turning out magnificent Novellas and novelettes at a regular clip.

Based on and expanded from two novellas written five years apart, Windhaven is a marvelous example of compact world building and is an unintentional anectdote to today's penchant for excruciatingly long form works. At times today's fiction almost seems to have gone back to the payment by word system.

Has all the hallmarks of Martin's writing, mixed with Tuttle's penchant for more lyrical prose, and is thankfully less dark and morose than Martin's Song of Ice and Fire Series.