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Doctor Who: The Wheel of Ice

Doctor Who - The Wheel of Ice - Stephen Baxter This was about as fantastic a Doctor Who novel as could be written. Baxter apart from being a very very good SF writer is also a huge Doctor Who fan and a devotee of Patrick Troughton (the 2nd Doctor). He places the Doctor Jamie and Zoe at a mining colony orbiting a moon near Saturn. What happens next is a near flawless melding of Current Day science and classic Doctor Who Aadventure.

Baxter gets it. He knows intimately what Classic Who is (was), and never makes a single mistake with character or behavior. He also adds just the right amount of humor to make this one of the best if the not THE best Doctor who novel I've read. Superbly delightful.

May the new run of Doctor Who books with famous writers continue to hit or exceed this high water mark.